about maple freight

Maple Freight was founded in December 8th, 1991. In our consistent commitment to innovative progression, gathering a stunning 25 valuable years in the industry the enterprise is a true example of a multifaceted logistics novelty – from Air, Sea & Land Freight & Transportation, to Warehousing and Custom Clearance, in conjunction to Project Cargo.

Since 1990, Maple Freight has obtained a splendid addition of a fleet of vehicles comprising vans to 3 tons, 6 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons trucks to lorry cranes and even trailers

Maple has grown so much from a Company made of only a small number of staff to the current group of almost 60! And we are really thankful to each and every one who has contributed to the Company, no matter how big or small, bringing it to where it is today.

Consisting of a collective 60-man strong employee-count, commendably in both the Management & Operations department, Maple Freight is competently and effectually equipped with the proper insights and skills of a nimble veteran.

Here at Maple, we work together as a family, and we accept that no one individual is perfect; so instead of focusing on our shortcomings, we pool our strengths together, and bring out the best in each other. Together, we push each other to the limits to grow together as a team, and that is what our common goal.

Be assured, maximal emphasis in creditable service delivery is strictly adhered to – in a further explanation, Maple Freight’s faculty is accredited with certificates in the following areas;

– Hazardous Material Handling (HAZMAT Licence) for our Drivers

– Certified Lifting Team (Signalman, rigger, lifting supervisor)

– Forklift Operations


In illustration of Maple Freight’s competence, its Lifting Gear equipment are tested and approved, all of which are compliant to the standards as stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower.



Maple’s mission has always been to not only deliver with satisfaction guaranteed, but also to ensure that with each delivery, we can put a smile on our Client’s faces.


To be the company that offers you the best solutions to solve your transportation problems.


"To deliver with satisfaction guaranteed." Maple’s certified unit will methodically plan and execute every detail for your transportation should you require a customized delivery.