Maple currently possesses a fleet of 60 vehicles. We have a wide variety of vehicles – vans, trucks, lorry cranes and even trailers. Our trucks range from 3 tons, 6 tons, 10 tons and 15 tons, 10 footer, 14 footer, 17 footer, and 24 footer trucks. Be it open trucks, canvas-covered trucks or box truck, Maple has them readily at all times.

Our trucks come with tailgate and non-tailgate. Different transportation requires different specifications. No one job is the exact same. Jobs are customized to your needs.



maplefreight-slider-2All our vehicles are equipped with GPS system, allowing us to easily track and trace our vehicles. Overall efficiency is increased with real-time monitoring of vehicles and status updates. Got an impromptu job request for us? No worries, we are now able to promptly make decisions. Need to know the exact location of the truck in the event of an emergency? We got your back. Our GPS is integrated with Singapore’s Official Online Map that feeds us with live traffic updates and alert configurations (such as speeding, unexpected movement, fuel goods theft or driver SOS alarms) and more, enhancing the protection of our clients and their and to guide our delivery vehicles carry your cargo safely to your destination.


10 Footer Box Truck

14 Footer Box Truck

18 Footer Box Truck

24 Footer Canopy Truck

24 Footer Open Truck

Trailer Head

Canvas Trailer Body

Lorry Crane