Here at Maple Freight, it is our priority to deliver efficient and reliable transportation services.

Vehicle Leasing

Rental of trucks with drivers.
(Short Term/Long Term)

Local Transportation

We cover deliveries for every Singapore address rain or shine, 24/7, 365 days a year. Be it urgent, sensitive or fragile cargo.

Contract / Ad-Hoc Distributions

Tell us your requirements. Maple is your one-stop transportation solution provider, designed to meet all your delivery requirements.

Project Jobs

State specific/special services for your project, let our friendly staff know and we will arrange for a meeting with you to answer to your queries.

Urgent Hand Carry

Urgent delivery? No worries, our vehicles are scattered around all different areas in Singapore daily. Simply let us know the transportation details and we will make necessary arrangements.

Forklift Services

Efficient, steady and quick. Not everything has to be manual. Our certified forklift drivers can assist you in your moving of items.

We also provide rental of Diesel Forklifts on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Lorry Crane/Trailer Transportation

Together with our certified lifting team, your problems are no more.
We also provide trailer services that can easily carry 20 regular pallets for efficient moving to help save cost and time.

House/Office/Warehouse Relocation

Home, office or warehouse moves - we never fail. Our team specializes in these moves and works well with deadlines.
Previously, Maple has completed a warehouse move of about 950 pallets of goods in 2.5 days.

Warehousing & Storage Services

Forwarding & Custom Clearance

Integrated with our container trucking and delivery services, we aim to provide a one-stop service complete with import and export documentation, alongside custom declaration and clearance.

Packaging and International Removals (Commercial/Personal Effects)

Need to send your goods overseas? Let us know.

Stuffing/Unstuffing of Containers

Let us help you with removing and loading of goods into the container!

Supply of Labour

Driver, manpower, MOM certified lifting team - we got you covered.